About us, Fresco Harmony.

Fresco Harmony® is an elegant, professional and highly flexible wall treatment system. It is the first ever to fully utilize the versatility of combining color additive to joint compound.  In other words, Fresco Harmony® is revolutionizing the building industry!

Fresco Harmony is a surface finishing technology that costs about the same as paint and is just as easy to apply.  With the initial Signature Color Series, Fresco Harmony is going to change the way you look at finishing surfaces of all types and textures.

Not just limited to walls, Fresco Harmony can be applied to virtually any surface including painted textured walls, to raw brick fireplaces, wood paneling to wall paper.   Oh, and there’s no preparation needed, so no sanding, no acid washing, and no scraping!

Color Pack: Sterling Slate.

Drag circle left and right to see the dramatic difference.

Drag circle left and right to see the dramatic difference.

  • Efficient: Fresco Harmony applies quickly and is easily stored.  The Color Pack is an efficient way to guarantee color consistency!
  • Cost-Effective: Fresco Harmony is drastically cost effective when compared to other competitive surface treatments.  Our patented process produces stunning results at a fraction of cost per square foot!
  • Less Work: Fresco Harmony is color and motion in one process!  You don’t need to prime the surface or do any prep for that matter!   Plus, since the Color Pack is water based, Fresco Harmony is easier to work with than paint and much easier to clean up!

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Fresco Harmony® began after the owner/president, Nick Harmon, while working in the drywall industry realized the potential for color additive wall coverings as a unique, custom, and artistic wall finish. Fresco Harmony® is the result of over 8 years of application, in which the process of color additive wall coatings has been perfected to create unique, one of a kind surface finishes. The patented process not only exceeds customer expectations in quality and desireability, but Fresco Harmony® products are produced at a remarkably lower cost compared to the competition.

To bring forth color, movement, and harmony to the environment that surrounds us.

Fresco Harmony Color Pack Additive – Our Promise

The Fresco Harmony Color Pack is a water based color additive that when used in conjunction with other products creates a surface application system.

The Color Pack offers an easy to apply, color consistent formula that when applied in the correct ratio provides color consistency.

When using any type of additive to tint joint compound, color consistency is near impossible to achieve without using a product that offers precised measured formulas and mixing ratios.  Fresco Harmony’s Color Pack offers just that – a precisely measured color formula that achieves exact ratios when properly mixed.

It is our basic promise that when using our product as instructed, color consistency is achieved no matter how much square footage of surface is being treated.

We understand that the numerous joint compound manufacturers provide warranties for the application and behavior of their product.  And by doing so, we acknowledge that by mixing a Color Pack in with joint compound will affect their stated warranty.  Therefore, it is simply not possible for us to maintain other warranties in this system.  That said, we can’t offer a warranty of the MIXTURE based on one part of the system.

This method is tried and true and we are standing behind our product in saying that the Color Pack is used as directed, mixed, and applied as described in the system instructions, you can achieve uniform color consistency.  Our implied warranty merchantability for the sale and use of our products is guaranteed color consistency.

If you have any questions regarding this statement or any other subject, we want to hear from you!  Please get in touch with us by emailing info@frescoharmony.com

Thank you,

Nick Harmon

Owner / President