Growing your business with Fresco Harmony – Grow With Us!

With Fresco Harmony, you can be on your way to helping to grow your business by being able to offer this new “transformative technology” to customers.

How does Fresco Harmony actually work to help transform today’s living spaces by creating amazing walls at an affordable price? Equally as important, how can Fresco Harmony work to transform your business – allowing you to offer something truly value-added to your customers in the home improvement industry?

Transformative technology…

How does Fresco Harmony add vibrancy to wall surfaces?

  • An innovative surface application method utilizing pigmented joint compound, Fresco Harmony is an affordable way to add beauty to walls and create unique spaces
  • Our difference comes both in our • innovative technology and in the fact that we use stringent screening processes in selecting who to work with – targeting companies who specialize in spreadable mediums and who employ the highest quality applicators.
  • Joint compound is an efficient medium to work with – because of its texture and ease of use, design capabilities are limitless.
  • Unique versatility of spectacular colors –  developed by designers and clients

Transforming your business…

How does Fresco Harmony add vibrancy to your business?

  • With Fresco Harmony, you are in a position to offer this value-added technology to your clients – putting them in a position to further grow their own businesses
  • Sets you apart from other companies – offering a solution that is more efficient, more cost-effective … and which requires less labor
  • Quality of the product practically sells  itself – increasing your sales, and driving business to you

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