Plan Your Project

Fresco Harmony is a wall treatment product.  Sold only in an 8 oz. “Color Pack”, Fresco Harmony is a color formula additive that is measured specifically for mixing into a 3.5 gal. box / bucket of joint compound.  The specific color formula ensures color consistency no matter how big your project is.

A Fresco Harmony project can range from a 150sq. ‘Manhattan’ accent wall to ‘Vegas’ hotel remodel. Most projects require no surface prep work because of the versatility of Fresco Harmony, so you’re already saving 50% of your time and money. Great decision!

Designing an interior with Fresco Harmony begins with determining the feel and attitude you want the room or space to have.  Are you looking for a grand entry way that has a timeless, ageless “marble-esq” feel to it?  Or, are you looking to get an earthy feeling from an intimate study?  Whatever design you’re crafting, Fresco Harmony is an influential component in creating that mood.

Step 1) Browse our new Signature Color Series palette here.  Select the colors suitable for your project.  If it helps, you can print out an order sheet to keep notes.  Download the Signature Color Series portfolio to view high definition photographic samples.

Step 2) Measure the dimensions of the surface you’ll be treating. Figure out the square footage you’ll need to cover using our simple square footage calculator below.  Enter your project’s square footage into our “materials calculator” below and note the quantity of Color Packs you’ll need for your project and order from our webshop. Keep in mind the type of surface and texture you’re treating.  Remember, the more aggressive (rough or deep) the texture, the less square footage a Color Pack covers.

Step 3) Print or download helpful guides and tutorials you may need.  Collect the other materials and tools you will need and prepare the area you will be resurfacing.

Step 4) When you receive your Fresco Harmony Color Packs, you’ll be ready to start your project!